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Our vision is to transform scientific curiosity into lasting commitment for learners by turning complex scientific ideas into captivating, visually-stunning experiments and video lessons.

About Science Table by Anatomage

Science Table by Anatomage transforms science into an accessible, interactive, and experimental journey. Our mission is to inspire students to love science and become the next generation of science leaders. To do so, we create technology-driven learning platforms that empower students to discover science through visually appealing 3D simulations, high-quality animations and immersive instructional videos. Powered by Anatomage, a pioneer of visualization technology, Science Table by Anatomage embodies an innovative approach that brings science to life.

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About Anatomage

Founded in 2004, Anatomage is a pioneer in the digitalization of real human anatomy, inventing the world's first life-size virtual dissection table. Specializing in the transformation of real anatomy into interactive 3D cadavers, we've segmented over 2 million anatomical structures. Today, with more than 4,000 healthcare and educational institutions utilizing our products, Anatomage stands as the dominant market leader in the industry.

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