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Integrated digital science curriculum for biology, chemistry, and physics

Complete science curriculum in digital format

Science Table Lessons by Anatomage offers a web-based platform featuring over 200 science video lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics. All lessons are compliant with both AP and NGSS standards – teachers can easily integrate the platform into their existing curricula. Our comprehensive lessons, customized to fit various science programs, serve as an alternative to traditional textbooks. Not only does it save teachers’ time on gathering resources for different classroom styles, from traditional to flipped learning, but it also provides accessible resources for students to study after school.  

Keep students engaged

Subcellular Components

Explore cellular structures through magnified visualizations, allowing students to closely examine various organelles in stunning detail.

Science simplified

Our bite-sized video lessons, enhanced with ultra-realistic animations, enhance students’ ability to understand and retain complex concepts.

Gravity on Different Planets

Soar through the universe with cinematic-quality visuals to explore how gravity varies across different planets and affects acceleration.

Textbook supplement

The animations in Science Table Lessons are like mini-movies that keep students interested and supplement their textbook reading.

Conservation of Momentum

Understand the law of conservation of momentum by observing the collision between two billiard balls in a close system.

Student-friendly equations

With color-coded equations and easy-to-follow steps, we make it simple for students to solve scientific problems with math.

Students set their learning schedule

Types of Chemical Reactions

Students can easily drop soluble reactants into solutions to form insoluble ionic solids, all with a simple scroll of their mouse.

Real-time interactive technology

With unique scroll-activated visual lessons, students can be in control of their learning journey.


Students can prep for lab work by accessing guides on various biology techniques, including PCR, before performing them in the lab.


On-demand lessons provide immediate access to high-quality animations and videos, supporting learning beyond school hours.


Students are introduced to osmosis through a scroll-activated video and answer questions to gauge their understanding.


Interactive quizzes are available for students to keep tabs on their progress with challenging self-assessments.

Save teachers’ time, budget

Interactive Periodic Table

An interactive and creative approach allows students to engage directly with various elements of the periodic table, making memorization easier.

STEM hub

Our biology, chemistry, and physics content comes with interactive lessons and assessments, cutting down teachers’ time on lesson planning.


Allow students to experience the complete titration process on a laptop, saving on extra equipment. The video preps them for their upcoming lab sessions.


Science Table Lessons by Anatomage is a cost-effective, versatile tool for lectures or homework, offering a modern alternative to traditional textbooks.

Simple Harmonic Motion

Skip the lab visit; students can study simple harmonic motion by watching an experiment on spring oscillation right at home.

Flexible learning styles

Lessons are catered to diverse learning styles, making them suitable for everything from flipped classrooms to traditional learning environments.

Learning goes beyond the classroom

Supplemental reference

Our content is tailored for various Physical and Life Science curricula. From visual aids to labs and assessments, Science Table Lessons by Anatomage offers supplemental resources for different classroom activities.


Access high-quality animations and real-time interactive videos online, giving your students the flexibility to study science anytime, anywhere.

Textbook alternative

Science Table Lessons by Anatomage go beyond what traditional static images in a textbook can offer, bringing science to life.

Self-guided study

Students can learn on their own and test themselves through quizzes, developing autonomous learning habits.

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