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Get students excited about science

Science Table by Anatomage takes those tough science concepts and turns them into virtual experiments that are super cool to interact with.

Spark curiosity in science

Powered by Anatomage's advanced 3D visualization technology, our products transform traditional science classrooms into immersive virtual experiments that ignite both curiosity and passion in students.

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Virtual Experiments. Real Experiences.

Millikan Oil Drop

Conduct the famous Millikan Oil Drop experiment to observe the rising and falling velocities of droplets to measure the electric charge of an electron.
Physical lab procedure

Students go through the same procedure as a physical lab experiment.


Separate mixtures into various chemical components and collect the fractions.
Educational Impact

The virtual experience provides an educational impact equivalent to that of executing the actual experiment.

Gene Expression

Examine how genetic information encoded in DNA is transformed into functional products.
Engaging Experiments

If students don’t problem-solve effectively, they experience failures similar to those in a real lab environment.

Stunning visuals

Atomic Orbitals

Create 14 unique s, p, d, and f orbitals, based on electron probability density, in interactive 3D animations.
Never Seen Before

Exceptional visual quality allows students to see science in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Cell Membrane

Explore different ways molecules and ions can pass through cell membranes.
Microscopic Voyage

Embark on a journey to explore science at a microscopic level to gain insights about molecules.

Real Anatomy

Perform virtual dissection to discover anatomical structures of real-tissue cadavers.
Life-Like Dissection

Conduct virtual dissections on accurate 3D models of real animal bodies.

High-tech, future of learning

Carbon Cycle

Measure the level of carbon dioxide through volcanic, ocean, forest, and industrial plant environments.
Cinematic Experience

Students see concepts come to life in various scenarios as if they’re watching a movie on the big screen. 

Natural Selection

Step into the shoes of a predator in a virtual setting to grasp the principles of natural selection.
Gamified Learning

Uncover the thrill of science through engaging, gamified learning experiences that allow students to trigger real-life biological processes.

Radio Wave Communication

Send and exchange messages across the large screen table to understand the transmission of radio waves.
Collaborative Activities

Engaging, interactive activities displayed on an expansive 84-inch screen facilitate collaborative learning sessions.

Our science solutions

Science Table

Crack the codes of scientific phenomena with 60+ visually exciting virtual experiments. Students can set up, restart, and repeat the digital experiments until they've got it right.

Science Table Lessons

Our mission is to ignite a passion for science in students. Whether in class, at home, or for supplemental learning, our user-friendly platform makes self-study easy.

Science Table

Science Table by Anatomage is a digital lab platform that offers on-demand access to complex virtual experiments. Available on an 84-inch screen, our realistic simulations in biology, chemistry, and physics spark classroom discussions and hands-on experimentation.

NGSS-tailored virtual science experiments




Science Table Lessons

Our Science Table Lessons by Anatomage’ eLearning platform offers a collection of visually dynamic videos designed to make learning biology, chemistry, and physics not just exciting, but also accessible from any location, any device.

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